Individual Coaching



Do you?

  • Have awesome plans and ideas, but just don’t know where to start?
  • Feel overworked and constantly thinking about your “to do list”?
  • Feel unable to focus on what is important, as always dealing with emergencies?
  • Wonder “is this really it?”
  • Find yourself blocked by a challenge and wanting support to move past it?
  • Feel great, and want to feel even better?

As a coach, I can support you overcome these

“Coaching” means supporting you to identify clear goals, and then accompanying you in achieving them. You do the work, I simply guide the process by asking powerful questions to change your perspective on the blockages you’ve had up until now, by challenging you to achieve your goals, and helping you acknowledge the progress made.


Think of me as a Taxi Driver: you get in, you decide where you want to go, and I support you in getting there (except I won’t blabber as much as a taxi driver!)

Coaching is not therapy (diagnosing your past and telling you what to do), it’s not consultancy (giving you frameworks and advice), and it’s not psychiatry (giving you medicine to overcome your issues).

What did my past clients get from coaching?

“Coaching brought me a greater mental clarity. As if I had dozens of tentacles coming from my mind and agitating in all directions, and I finally managed to focus on the one that really fits me, what I want to achieve, say and understand”


“I regained confidence in myself and some self-respect in a situation which was really difficult”


                                                                                                        - Baylik, 27 years old, Switzerland


"At first I was apprehensive about the whole process and didn't really benefit from the work Mike and I were doing. However, Mike propelled me in a direction I was not expecting and after that "in came the light", so to speak. With the help of Mike's calm demeanour and incisive questions, I was able to focus on what I really wanted to achieve. And the rest is history."

                                                                                                      - Nat, 33 years old, France

"You bring so much ease and calmness into each session and give me all the space I need to really look what is going on inside as well as to really look for answers and commitments inside."


"Your whole being spreads this magnificent atmosphere during the sessions. After every session with you I left with a solution to my question and felt so strong I could move a mountain!"


                                                                                                         - Ariane, 26 years old, Germany


"To me, my sessions with Mike looked like if I was entering a messy room looking for something. I needed a plan and someone who could help me to stick to the plan."


"Mike was both great in terms of developing a plan, thanks to his questions, and in terms of pushing me towards the goal, thanks to his patience and positiveness."


                                                                                                         - Giulia, 30 years old, Switzerland


"Coaching by Mike helped me structure my life in one of the most difficult phases of my professional life - unemployment. A year later, now working at a major Swiss non-profit, my challenges may look completely different. But surprisingly, the insights I gained through Mike's coaching not only helped me get where I am today, they also remain the best recipe to overcome challenges and clear blockages now."

                                                                                                       - Tessa, 31 years old, Switzerland


"At first, I had little clarity, my goals were not specific, my methods of work lacked realism and were artificially complicated. Over the course of the 6 sessions with Mike, I regained a realistic path and discovered the keys to achieving my goals. Ultimately, this enabled me to have control and clarity about my life, increased integrity towards my commitments and an ability to take strong and peaceful decisions."

                                                                                                        - Fathe, 50 years old, Libya


The coaching process is a cycle of 6 one-hour sessions, with a week or two between each session. One cycle is thus about 3 months long.


At the beginning of the cycle, I support you to define the objectives you want from the 3 month cycle.


In each session, you define a result you want to achieve in that session, and I support you in achieving that result. You also define commitments that you will carry out until the next session, to ensure you progress towards achieving your “Cycle Objectives”. In the next session we review your progress on these commitments.


Individual paying: €80 per session (1 hour)

Company paying: €100 per session (1 hour)